Bellybaloo lets women share their baby's ultrasound images with friends and family.
Bellybaloo is HIPAA-compliant, and is free for you and for your patients.
Your patients will love you for making Bellybaloo available to them.

How do you use Bellybaloo?

How do your patients use Bellybaloo?

It's not complicated:
If there are any questions, Bellybaloo customer service staff is available 24/7 to troubleshoot problems for patients (so they don't call your office) and for you.

Frequently-asked questions:

How does Bellybaloo pay for the free service?
Bellybaloo supports this service by contacting participating patients with useful information from Bellybaloo's sponsors.

How does Bellybaloo help me build my practice?
Bellybaloo PracticeBuilder can help you understand where your patients' networks are concentrated geographically, help you reach those networks, and help you build your practice organically as your patient population evolves.

Won't patients call my office to ask about their images?
Bellybaloo's participants understand that images are to share and not interpret. They leave the clinical interpretation to you and your colleagues.

What about liability related to a missed diagnosis?
Patients have always been able to request and receive copies of images. Bellybaloo just makes it easier and more fun. Bellybaloo also removes confidential data, such as patient ID, and other infor- mation from the image.

Are images available to patients immediately?
Bellybaloo is more fun when patients can access their images immediately, but you can create a delay of between 30 minutes and seven days before patients can access their images.

Can I prevent a study from becoming available?
Yes. Until a patient accesses her images, you can delay access for a period of time or delay it permanently.

What if I diagnose an anomaly or a miscarriage?
It's up to you. You can prevent the patient from accessing the images, or delay access until you inform the patient of the diagnosis and then leave the decision up to your patient.

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